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Clamshell Box - Non-locking drop-spine


The non-locking clamshell design opens fully allowing the bottom, spine and top to open and lay flat on a surface. This makes it easier for contents to be accessed, especially fragile items as the spine, or back, of the box isn't in the way.

The full depth lid increases stacking strength and provides a reassuringly snug fit, the thumb-cut makes it easy to open.

We recommend this box for archival storage of books, artwork, comics, and papers - but it is suitable for many storage purposes.

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How to construct the clamshell box - non-locking drop-spine

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Place your box on a clean stable work surface with the white inner side facing upward towards you. Rotate the box so the pre-cut slots are at the front and back.
To make the construction process easier, gently pre-bend all of the creases up 90 degrees and then back flat.
You can start at either end of the box, gently fold the two side sections up 90 degrees and bend the two corner flaps in 90 degrees.
Holding the corner flaps in-place, bend the panel which is extended toward you up, and then over the corner flaps. You should now be able to lock the panel into place using the pre-cut locking slots. This forms one half of the box, rotate the box and repeat the steps to complete the construction.