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How to store Funko Pops

Funko pop collections have grown massively in popularity, and value, with some individual examples being valued at over £1000. But, how do you store a Funko Pop to protect it from damage? Choosing the wrong storage enclosure or location could cause damage, we'll help you make the best decision.

Funko Pop Collection

Why Funko Pops turn yellow

Poor storage can cause Funko Pops and their boxes to 'yellow'. Different processes are involved in each material, but ultimately, yellowing of the figurine or box means that it is degrading, and this can be irreversible. Getting your storage right can help prevent this.

A Funko Pop box that’s turning yellow is likely due to acid developing in the cardboard. This is part of the deterioration of pulp-based paper and cardboard and cannot be reversed. 

A Funko Pop figurine that is turning yellow is likely due to the degradation of the PVC plastic. Like the box this is not reversible. Plasticisers in PVC degrade over time and become yellow, this can be accelerated by poor storage. The plasticisers leaching out of the plastic can lead to sticky deposits on the surface of the figure. Be warned that applying any treatment or agent to the surface of the plastic could cause further damage.

How do you protect your collection?Funko Pop in light

There are a number of factors you need to consider, in a museum they are called the ‘Agents of Deterioration’ and they are generally the reason why your collection will prematurely age or become damaged. You can read more about them here (external link), but here are our highlights for you to look out for:

Light: One of the main causes of accelerated deterioration in Funko Pop figures and boxes (fading and accelerated degradation) is UV radiation. This is usually from sunlight, but also present in some artificial lighting too. In order to protect your collection it’s important to protect it from UV light. For valuable figures we would suggest an archival box is the only true way to protect from UV light, you can read more below.

Heat: Excessive heat or fluctuations in heat can cause damage and accelerate the chemical reactions which lead to the plasticisers in PVC breaking down, and the box becoming acidic.

Handling: It goes without saying that handling your collection presents a risk. Accidental damage caused when handling (i.e. being dropped, crushed), dirt or stains being deposited from hands or surfaces.

Pop with dust

Pollutants: Dust, cigarette smoke, paint fumes, are just some examples of pollutants that can be airborne and cause damage to your collection.

Mould/Pests: Insects (like silverfish), often attracted by mould or other debris can eat your boxes.

Disasters: E.g. water leaks, fires, pretty obvious, these risks should be minimised.


Made to measure archival Funko Pop Storage boxes

To protect your Funko Pop in storage we recommend our specially designed made-to-measure acid-free and archival storage boxes with a drop front. Boxes that are not acid-free or buffered could, in time, cause damage to the collection - you should never use any box made from PVC.

These boxes are designed to protect your collection by; stopping any UV light, neutralising acid that might develop in the box using, providing easy access to reduce the risk of handling damage, and protect from accidental damage

Funko Pop Storage Box

hand reachingOther boxes may not allow full access meaning you could find yourself causing damage in trying to force a hand around your Funko Pop's box. This type of damage can be incremental and lead to tears and creasing that devalues the collectible. A drop-front box is the go-to choice for museums when ease of access is required to prevent damage.

Archival Funko Pop Box Dimensions

Our museum specification acid-free and archival Funko Pop boxes measure (internal) L 162mm x W 117mm x D 92mm and will store a single Funko Pop in its box. This link will build you a storage box using our 1.6mm acid-free board, you can customise it or checkout it's up to you! Click here to buy a Funko Pop storage box

Or, you can start a bespoke box from scratch here