What's a dinosaur got to do with boxes?

triceraboxWe can make many different box designs, in fact we can cut pretty much any shape from cardboard.

Our box cutting machine is able to cut the finest of details into board. For a bit of fun, we’ve even made some 3D dinosaur puzzles with some pretty tight cutting tolerances of less than 2mm – the machine (and the card stock) is able to handle even these with total ease.

If you'd like one of our dinosaurs, you can order one of them here!

groupofboxesCan you manufacture different boxes to the standard ones on the site?

YES. If you have a flat, self-assembly box design that you’d like us to make for you – we can do it! The boxsite.co.uk website offers some of the most common designs we’re asked to make, but we know that you may need something slightly different. Just send us an email  with your requirements.

Here are a few different box designs we’ve made for other customers:

Roll Storage | Triangular Roll Storage | Slipcase Box | Book Cradle | Magazine Shelf File | Point of Sale

inside roll storage insert removed

Roll storage box with suspended tube:

Designed for archival storage of rolled textiles or works of art on paper.

The box contains an acid free tube cradle and acid-free archival tube. They are the 'Rolls Royce' of roll storage. 

Want one? Drop us a message. 

Triangular Roll storage box

Triangular roll storage box:

Designed for archival storage of rolled textiles, works of art on paper, posters, maps and more. Won't roll off the shelf!

The box is made from a single piece of board and like our other boxes, doesn't require any gluing, adhesives or other fixings to make up.

Want one? Drop us a message. 

Slipcase Storage/Archive Box:

lid and base

Ideal for shelf archiving of files and paperwork, rare-vinyl record box sets, collectibles in their original boxes and much more. The lid fits completely over the base making a really robust storage enclosure.

Want one? Drop us a message.

book cradle

Book Support Cradle:

OK, it's not a box, but it is designed to fit inside one. Rare or old books and large volumes require support across the spine to prevent damage to the bindings holding the pages in-place.

These cradles were made specifically to fit inside a box with a book and could easily be made at any size to suit your needs. 

Want one? Drop us a message.

magazine shelf file

Magazine shelf file:

Not quite a box but it's almost half a box!

These magazine shelf files, like all of our boxes, require no gluing and are sent out flat for you to make when you need them.

Want one? Drop us a message.

Bespoke point of sale materialBespoke point of sale:

This point of sale tray was made from pre-printed board and vinyl sticker. This is great because the manufacturer can offer a completely bespoke solution for their customer. 


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