About Our Boxes

What's so special about our boxes?groupofboxes

At boxsite.co.uk we offer a range of box designs that we know cover the majority of applications, whether that's; shipping, storage or packaging (see options below). Combined with the choice of standard box board, or archival quality board, (read more about board here) we think that we've got most options covered. Our boxes are shipped to you flat to reduce postage costs, and storage, and can be made up in seconds - see how

How does it work?

Once we've received your requested dimensions, your box will be precision cut from your choice of board. bespoke box cuttingThis process means we can cut any size of box, from 1 box to over 100 - really quickly. This is unlike a die-cutting process which requires special tooling and can take weeks to set up. Sometimes, the dimensions you need just won't fit on the board, we're sorry if this happens, but we do this to keep your prices as low as possible.

Once they are cut, the boxes are packaged flat and sent out for next day delivery. Generally this means your boxes are with you within 3 working days from receipt of order. 

Which Box?

Our boxes are great, here's why.

2 piece box2

Two piece box 

A classic, lid and tray. The double thickness wall on the length / width gives this box strength under compression and can be happily stacked. As the lid covers the full depth of the tray, the box has 3 layers of vertical board when closed. Suited to long term storage, especially when made from our archival quality board. Slightly more expensive as more board is used in this design.


See how this box is put together here video icon



Clamshell non locking drop spine box

Clamshell box with non-locking lid (drop spine)

This box will be more familiar to those working in museums and archives. The design opens fully allowing the bottom, spine and top to open and lay flat on a surface.drop spine clamshell This makes it easier for contents to be accessed, especially fragile items as the spine, or back, of the box isn't in the way.

The full depth lid increases stacking strength and provides a reassuringly snug fit, the thumb-cut makes it easy to open.

We recommend this box for archival storage purposes when made from our archival quality board. Can be secured in the closed position using hook and loop coins.


See how this box is put together here  video icon

clamshell box with locking lid

Clamshell box with locking lid

Used millions of times a day for shipping and packaging purposes around the world. The design is great because it doesn't require any adhesive or fixing to keep the lid closed.

The locking tabs do however have a limited life-cycle, so this design isn't recommended for applications where they will need to be opened and closed regularly.


See how this box is put together here  video icon