About Our Board

We have two choices of board for our custom sized boxes, one for long-term archival storage (although it is premium quality board and can be used for anything) and our standard board for non-archival use.

Small sample sections of board are available on request, please contact us.

Our archival quality box board

Our Archival board is perfect for long term storage, the specification is detailed below:


  • 1.6mm E-Flute
  • 100% bleached cellulosebuffered box board
  • Without the usage of recycling fibres
  • Free of wooden fibres
  • Kappa level 1 – 2 = lignin-free
  • pH 7.5 - 10.0 = acid-free (in accordance with ISO 6588-1:2012)


  • Alkaline buffer > 3 % natural calcium carbonate (GCC)
  • inside buffered box boardSizing: neutral/synthetic (without alum additive)
  • Without optical brightening agents
  • Light-fastness 5 – 6 (good – very good) in accordance with the wool scale (ISO 105- B02)
  • Special surface strengthening (dirt-resistant and erasable)
  • No bleeding in accordance with DIN ISO 16245:2012
  • Photographic Activity Test (PAT) passed in accordance with ISO 18916:2007


Glue used for laminationarchival board flute

  • Dispersion glue free of solvents and plasticisers (softening agents)
  • pH approx. 7.0
  • Photographic Activity Test (PAT) passed in accordance with ISO 18916:2007

Our standard quality box board 

Our standard board is the economic alternative to our archival board.standard flute web2

At 1.5mm thick it's strong enough for shipping and packaging boxes.

Both sides of the board are white; satin finish exterior with a matt finish interior. Craft core.

 outside standard board corner